Can you think of a more important time to make good choices about what you eat than when you're getting ready to have a baby?

While we can't change our DNA, good nutrition turns our genes towards health whereas nutrient deficiencies turn our genes towards disease.

Does it seem as if you're hearing about autism, ADD/ADHD, infertility on a regular basis these days? These conditions are on the rise and hitting epidemic proportions. Besides all the toxins in our food supply we live in a world with increasing environmental stresses as well. This has an effect on our bodies and the baby's we grow.

I can help show you (both male and female) how to nourish yourself in preparation for conception, pregnancy and post partum. Lets remove the stressors and add the nutrient dense foods and supplements that support fertility and strong healthy sperm and eggs. Contact me for more information.

"No other society is as careless about preparation for pregnancy and birth as our own...Good nutrition for ensuring a truly healthy baby needs to start before baby is conceived…modern research has shown us that nutrition in fact affects the expression of the genes, and poor nutrition can so adversely affect genetic expression that 'defects' persist for several generations."  - The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Childcare