GAPS™ stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome as well as Gut and Physiology Syndrome. It is a food protocol developed by Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride based in the belief that our digestive system holds the root to our health and that GAPS™ conditions stem from an unhealthy gut.

The GAPS™ food protocol aims to heal and seal the gut. It does so through diet, by removing all starches, processed foods, sugar and adding lots of broth and probiotic foods, supplementation and detoxification.

Going on the GAPS™ diet can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. As a certified GAPS practitioner, I am hear to help support and navigate you on your journey.

Are you thinking about starting the GAPS diet and feel mystified? Are you following the GAPS diet and feel stuck, lost or confused on your journey? A GAPS consultation is a great way to get some clarity and guidance on what can be an overwhelming and confusing protocol. Contact me for a consultation.

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