What motivates you on your health journey?


No matter what motivates you on your health journey, I find it really helpful to think of it as something you're in relationship with. I recently heard this in an interview with functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama, and have been thinking a lot about it. I think it is a great tool to work with and hopefully you may too! 

Most people find themselves searching for answers in nutrition because of something that ails them that they haven't been able to fix or cure with other methods. That's how I arrived here. Little did I know when I started, what a journey I was embarking on. Sometimes the successes and results happen fast. These are the easy times to stay on the path. Other times results lay dormant, they act like a mystery that needs to be solved. These are the times when its more of a challenge to stay the course. But deep down I know that this is the way forward.

By approaching your health as something you are in relationship with helps allow space for the more challenging times and lets go of the idea that you must heal yourself of something and quickly at that. When I do this, I feel stress just dissipate from my body. By thinking about your health hurdles as something you are in relationship with rather than something you must rid from your body allows some of the urgency to go away. It allows you to relax and know that, with time and a positive attitude you will persevere.

As with any relationship, it is unrealistic to think it should always be easy sailing. So to your relationship with your health challenges. In no way does this mean that your are giving up and resigning yourself to the way things are. As with any relationship, you are allowing space and time for the ups and downs that come with growth.

Some symptoms may respond quickly and just disappear while others may take more time to improve as you get deeper into what is at the root of the problem. It's a long term relationship. We only get one body in this life, so why not relax, take a deep breathe, love your body and be kind to your relationship with it.