Are you looking for a jump-start to catapult yourself to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle? a 21 day group cleanse is just what you're looking for...

Working in a group can be a powerful medium to effect change and a special way to gain support and build community at the same time. I love leading groups through the process and am always inspired by the results and transformation I get to witness.

Our bodies are designed with a built-in healing system that naturally detoxifies itself. However, with the fast pace of our lives today, coupled with poor food choices and increasing environmental toxins, our detox pathways can become sluggish or even blocked. Our body systems become burdened with the overload and we feel tired without knowing why.

A cleansing program is the first step in the eliminating toxins, relieving the stress on our bodies, and supporting our natural detoxification pathways with whole foods and nutritional supplements. Cleansing has been shown to have lasting therapeutic effects, is simple and affordable. No fasting or going hungry I promise!

During the cleanse, you will also gain valuable information about your body, learn skills to maintain a healthier you, and have fun at the same time.

I lead group cleanses quarterly... contact me if you're interested in being on my list. Or if you want to gather a group of friends, co-workers or family I can lead you in a private group at a time that's convenient for you (minimum of 5 participants).