I love what I do and feel privileged to witness the transformation I see in my clients. I am continually grateful and inspired. Here's what they have to say... 

“When I started seeing Joey I was in the process of trying to figure out how to heal my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and subsequent blood sugar issues. Her knowledge and support helped me learn how to properly nourish my body according to its specific needs. She was always so kind and met me where I was so I didn’t feel lost or overwhelmed in my food journey. I now feel confident in my ability to feed myself well and can see and feel the positive changes in my body.” – Laura H. 

“Thank you so much for having the healthy lunch presentation. It was just amazing to learn more about healthy eating habits for our kids. I keep adding new foods to our diet at home and eliminating others. I am checking labels much more carefully. And this is all inspired by you. Thank you for putting this together! I wanted you to hear how much your advice and sharing has been influencing Mark, Shane and my eating habits. I so appreciate learning from you! I will definitely be recommending you to others.” – Emma R.  

"An absolute "BRAVO" for Joey! Not only is she the consummate professional with an enormous breath and depth of knowledge, but the interest and care she shows to her clients is without equal. Whether it's a healthy recipe on her blog site, a suggestion for nutritional supplement, a word of encouragement as I began the GAPS diet, or simply taking that extra time to answer my questions, Joey is a wealth of information and has a heart full of love and compassion for those under her care. Having successfully completed a 21 day cleanse program under her direction, my appreciation of healthy food choices and commitment to a nutrient dense diet have elevated me mentally and emotionally. I look forward to continuing to benefit from Joey's expertise and being embraced by her warmth and beautiful smile." – Andrea B.

“My program with Nutrient Dense Life has taught me so much about food. Joey showed me how easy it can be to modify small things and feel a huge impact. Joey inspired me to go on a blood sugar control diet (and I was a total sugar addict). It is amazing how much the cravings for sugar can dictate diet and how much my taste buds changed. I cut out all grains, sugar and processed food for about a month and it was transformative. It was noticeable after only a couple days and only got more so as time went on.

Although I don't practice it is strictly now, my diet has changed permanently. The way I see and understand food has become much more comprehensive. Overall, I am in better health and more in tune with my body than ever before. I able to make better decisions with this new found knowledge. After incorporating these new concepts into my diet I told my father about my work with Joey and he lost 30 pounds and has had no problem keeping it off.
Joey knows more practical information about food than anybody I've ever known. She is very intuitive and understands food. I have learned so much from her. She is a true inspiration.” – Olivia H. 

Every once in awhile the right person enters ones life at the right moment and brings such wisdom and warmth it feels like a gift. Generous of spirit, thoughtful, informed and passionate about good food and good health, for us Joey is one of these people.
I was literally at my wit’s end after months of dealing with my daughter’s chronic GI issues and had been told by multiple doctors that nothing could be done and my only course was to wait - for years - until she outgrew symptoms that were seriously affecting our quality of life. I sent Joey a plea and she reached out almost immediately. She was so reassuring and confident that she could help that upon reading her email I burst into tears of relief. After just one meeting we had a plan. It was so empowering. And within a matter of weeks I saw significant changes in my daughter’s health that just kept getting better and better.
Because of Joey, my daughter was able to resume normal activities which kept her on track developmentally. It is no exaggeration that our work with Joey has been life-changing. I remain so grateful to Joey and would encourage anyone seeking help for a specific issue or overall better health to contact her. -  Gretchen E.

I am really enjoying our work together and am deeply grateful to you for your help.  You're so good at what you do and I hope you know that you've changed my life!  I can't possibly thank you enough.  - Alyson D.

“I feel amazing! I am definitely going to keep going with this diet/health cleanse. It has changed my life. I feel great. I have so much more energy and I just love that I am starting to fit into all my old clothes. I am a size 8 again! Yay! Thank you all for your support. I love this group! We have truly rocked through 19 days and we will keep rocking!
My husband is loving the new body and mood. He has been a good trooper in all this. We have both changed our food habits and he has more veggies now thanks to me. I have learned how to eat out at restaurants and I have learned how to make foods more fun to eat. I truly enjoy cooking now and I make some delicious stuff! This has truly been an amazing experience and life changing!” Shagy P.

“I could not recommend this cleanse and working with Joey more highly! I thought while I did it, I would understand that I was being more healthy, I had not idea that I would FEEL SO GOOD! I will now definitely/happily/easily make permanent changes in my diet. Thank you!” Abi W.

“Overall, this has been an amazing experience and I’m ecstatic about the outcome of this cleanse. I thought you were a great group leader and are obviously very knowledgeable about this topic. It brought me more in tune with what I was eating, and not eating. It made me feel more alert for longer in the day. And it made me fit into some pants that I haven’t worn in years…yahoo!!!  ” Julie R.