Schedule A FREE 15 minute phone consultation. This Gives us a chance to Talk. I get to Hear your health concerns and goals. You also get the opportunity to hear about how I work. We can discuss what you may have tried in the past and what may be in your way from achieving your goals. I am available to work in person or remotely via Face Time or zoom.

The clients that have the best results work with me over a period of time. Why? Nutritional Therapy takes time and comittment to create the sustainable change you're looking for and to get to the root of what's going on. When you commit to working with with me in one of my packages, you get my hands-on attention, care and support over the course of several months. While many feel improvements after one or two sessions it can take longer to get to the root of what's out of balance, make lasting progress and complete the phases of a restorative program. Here's a basic outline of what working with me looks like:

Once we’ve decided to work together, we'll get you signed up for a 90 minute initial consultation. I'll have you fill out a 5 day food journal, a comprehensive health history, Nutri-Q sypmtom assessment, disclaimer and have you submit any recent lab work you may have. This session is all about gathering information, getting clear on your health goals, and diving deeper into the issues you're experiencing. We'll discuss your initial round of dietary changes, I'll suggest some basic supplement supports and make lab work recommendations. After each session you will receive a detailed email from me with a plan of action and resouces to help you make the changes we've discussed.

2nd Session - usually takes place after lab results have come in. We will personalize your dietary protocol accordingly and incorporate a more targeted supplement protocol. You will receive another plan of action with appropriate resources to support you implement your plan.

3rd Session:  is usually a check in 2-3 weeks later - we make sure everything is going good, make sure you’ve been able to implement the plan and adjust as needed.

4th - 6th Session: we continue to check in as needed. If we've done lab tests, we'll retest and review results. We'll then plan modifications as needed. We will then enter a maintenance phase or do some deeper diving for more healing.

Other services:

Pantry Clean UpAre you wanting you and your family to eat healthier but get overwhelmed or confused at where to begin? The pantry clean out is a great place to begin your transition to healthier eating. Allow me to come into your kitchen, we can browse your pantry and fridge and together we can discuss changes you'd like to make. My goal is to create a safe space to educate and suggest healthy alternatives. We will talk about healthy fats and cooking oils, sugar/sweeteners, processed/prepared foods, condiments, proper nut and grain preparation, probiotic foods and cooking ideas. Empower yourself with this knowledge. I promise you it's fun and exciting! 

Grocery Store or Farmers Market Tour:  It’s easy to get confused these days when food shopping. Let me come to your local farmer’s market or grocery store with you and we can simplify the whole process. I'll give you all my tips, tricks and favorites.  You will walk away with great new ideas.

Nutrient Dense Cooking:  Have you heard about bone broth, ferments and properly prepared foods for some time and find yourself too intimdated to get started?  Let me come over, cook with you and demystify things. It’s really pretty simple, fun and delicious.

Speaking Service: Want to get a group of friends together and go deeper into a subject?  I give talks on many subjects some of which are Healthy Lunches for Kids, Fertility and Pre-conception Health Preparation, Nutrient Dense Eating for the whole family and relief from PMS. 



The educational health information you receive from Joey Anderson and Nutrient Dense Life, whether given by phone, in person at your home, in the office, through lectures, workshops, brochures, or newsletters is not intended to diagnose or prescribe, nor as a substitute for medical advice. It consists of combined information from many educational sources and points of view to help YOU make informed decisions regarding your desired level of health. Anyone deciding to act upon any information mentioned during a consultation shall assume full responsibility for any effects of their actions. There are risks and unforeseen results associated with any change of diet and lifestyle. It is not recommended that you apply these changes unless you are willing to assume full responsibility for the risks you choose to take. If you choose to implement dietary and lifestyle changes without consulting your physician, which is your constitutional right, you are, in effect, prescribing for yourself and your family. When in doubt of the appropriateness of any treatment, whether recommended to you by a practitioner or by your own intuition, please consult a physician. Consultation information should not be used as a substitute for a physician’s advice. It is our hope that you do choose a physician who realizes the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle choices in correcting health imbalances. Please be aware that you have the right to make your own health decisions based on any information made available to you. YOU are the driving force in guiding yourself and your family on a path to radiant health!